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PlayMindcrack is a minecraft minigame server with a twist. Join the official minecraft server of the Mindcrackers and play some unique games with a fun community, all of which is completely free to play!

We don't believe in Pay to win, everything can be unlocked in time. But if you want to help keep PlayMindcrack Running, become a Patron! There's a bunch of cool benefits for it!

Progress towards bonus weekend!

If the goal is reached, the weekend starting on Sat October 31 will be a bonus gold weekend! If not, buy patron or silver now and help us reach the goal!

Become a patron! Buy Silver!

Current Multiplier: None
Goal: 1.5x
4.20% 4.2% Complete

Lobby Cosmetics Update!

Posted by: t3hero on Aug 12, 2015


New Masks, Food Items, Potions, and all types of new stuff!

We've added completely new cosmetic items to our main lobbies, including completely new textures, sounds, and animations! Find out about each brand new item by clicking the button below!

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Reviewing our Bans

Posted by: Croswat on Jul 16, 2015

Over the course of June we reviewed our ban records from the start of PlayMindcrack untill the end of November 2014. We wanted to do a one time review of bans and pardon some of the minor offenses. We have reviewed almost 9000 bans and have pardoned people for some of the following offenses:

  • Minor offenses specific to only DvZ (torch/lamp breaking, blocking)
  • Minor offenses specific to only LoM (plot related)
  • Minor advertising offenses.
  • Minor impersonation offenses.
  • Optifine bans.

We did not pardon any bans related to any harassment or derogatory comments. With that said, if you feel like you deserve a second chance, please submit an appeal at 

We do not pardon for Modified clients that give you an advantage over others.

If you're banned and not sure what to do, you can read about how to go about appealing here.

We also encourage everyone to read the rules at

CrackAttack Released!

Posted by: Croswat on Jul 12, 2015

Crackattack has now been released to all players! After being in Patron beta for 2 months we're finally ready to release it to the public so everyone can have fun and step on flowers. Thanks to all the patrons that helped test!

If you don't know what Crackattack is, we suggest you read the web guide or check out some Mindcracker videos!

Don't forget to check out Archie, the Crackattack upgrades vendor in the lobby to get some shiny upgrades! 

Crackattack has been designed (and maps built) by Arkas.


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