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Freebuild and Tribe Memberships

Posted by: Croswat on Jun 28, 2015

Todays update is live, this includes Tribe Membership cards and the ability to build freely on your plot.

Storage for plots isn't ready yet, but we're working on it.

Membership Cards

Membership cards allow you to be part of a tribe without having to pay for a plot. The only restriction with it is that you can't change tribes until your membership expires. 

Membership cards can be bought from the "Assistant Warlord" in the red tent underneath the Tribes sign.


Free building allows you to create your own buildings on your plot. To be able to do this you need to go to your plot and right click your sign

You'll have an option to enable free build. After you enable it you can then go into build mode by clicking the wooden axe

When in build mode you'll be in creative, but you can only build or place on your plot, and you can't leave your plot area in build mode. There is a scoreboard on the side that shows the price of the build, and placing blocks updates that, the prices of freebuild blocks are below. To finish and save your build you need to go back to your plot sign and confirm changes. Not saving your build will delete the progress you've made. You won't be charged for your build until you save the progress.


For a list of Blocks available in free build and their prices, head to the Tribes page.



BlackBeard Update

Posted by: Croswat on Jun 25, 2015

A small update to blackbeard has been released, this update includes stats tracking, gameplay changes, and bug fixes

The full changelog:

  • Blindness has been removed from the temple
  • Clicking on your armor/weapon chest at your base now updates your weapons and armor, instead of being killed to upgrade.
  • Players can now join games in progress.
  • Stats are being tracked, specifically games played, gold looted, gold stored at base, wins, and upgrades stored.
  • These stats can be seen on your stats page, or on the leaderboards: wins, gold looted, gold stored, upgrades stored
  • The parkour in the waiting lobby is now completable.


82 New Schematics!

Posted by: t3hero on Jun 24, 2015

I'm happy to announce that we have 82 Schematics released thanks to the wonderful contributions of the community and PlayMindcrack's very own Build Team. To get to them and buy one for your very own plot, just hit your warp star and click on the "Schematics-shop" option. 

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