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Play Mindcrack

Server IP: is a new kind of game server that brings together all the great aspects of Minecraft. From competitive PVP to fun minigames that are more about the players working together against the environment. We have also brought in the ability to tour all the great season maps from Mindcrack seasons past. All of which is completely free to play! We host lots of live events for players like yourself to participate in, we have a vibrant community, and this is a great place for fans of Mindcrack to play with each other, and Mindcrackers!.

All the existing Mindcrack lore has taken us 4 years to be at a point where we can bring this great new layer to the Mindcrack community. Our goal for this server is to bring all the community together in one place to play the game we all love together.

Finally, the server has no "pay-to-win" here. Everything can be unlocked in game in a reasonable amount of time and you should never feel pressured to give us money in order to advance yourself in the games. Do you like what we do and want to support us in making a fun place for us to all have a great time? You can become a Patron, you swell awesome guy you! If you're interested in finding out more about being a Patron, click here!

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Active Games

Type Games Players
Blackbeard 1 0
Camelot 1 0
Golden Monocle 1 0
Mindcrack Island 1 1
Missile Wars 8 9
Pajama Jam Time BETA 1 0
Power Juice 1 0
Revenge of Cookie 2 0
Survival Games 1 0
Town 2 0
UHC 6 6
UHC Lobby 1 0
Total 26 22