PlayMindcrack is a one-strike-you're-out server. If you break any of our major rules, you will be permanently banned. Do not take this lightly. Even in a short time being up, we have had many emails of players not realizing that logging in and fly hacking or being toxic to other players would get them perma-banned. This also means that there is not a lesser punishment if you feel you didn't break the rules "too badly".

Rule 1: No modified clients of any kind

On PlayMindcrack, you are not allowed to play on a modified Minecraft client of any kind. This means you cannot have minimaps, damage indicators, or any other Mod that gives you an advantage over others. Do not use hacked or modified clients of any kind! This includes x-ray texture packs. Use only the vanilla client, downloaded without changes from the Minecraft website.

The only exception to this is Optifine. We understand that some people have a hard time being able to run Minecraft without the graphics optimization optifine provides. Please note that this doesn't give you permission to use similar mods, and if you are caught with any other mod you will be banned.

Rule 2: No macros of any kind

Anything that allows you to automatically swing your sword or spam a command quicker than normal human reflexes is a major offense. This includes programmable keyboards, rapid-fire keys, or hotkeys.

Rule 3: Respect other players

While we do not restrict language and will understand a curse word every now and then, do not point those curses at other people. Do not harass other players and keep your rage off of our servers. Do not be abusive, homophobic, sexist or racist. Do not spam chat, especially with incessant profanity. Part of respecting other players is not filling the chat with obscenities and sexual descriptions. We have players of all ages, so save your edgy in-jokes for private messages.

If someone is harassing you, cheating, or being toxic, do not make the situation worse by responding in kind. Either jump to another server, ignore it, or report it. Raging in chat with profanities and being generally toxic is not acceptable behavior on our servers, even if you didn't start it. If you know you have a problem with raging at people, please do us all a favor and just disable chat while you are playing the games. Most game modes on PlayMindcrack are designed to not be hyper competitive and instead are just relaxing and fun party games. Do not rage on PlayMindcrack!

Rule 4: Uphold the spirit of the game

Do not purposely ruin the games for other people. This is a very general rule that basically means to not be a dick. Our game modes are made for 40+ players and we do not tolerate it when a single player ruins the experience for everyone else. It's just as bad as hacking in our eyes and we perma-ban for it. If you exploit a bug or create a situation in which the game is ruined purposely by your actions, you can and will be banned for it. Actions that deliberately grief your teammates or your opponents are strictly forbidden. This includes breaking into enemy spawn, idling instead of playing, helping the other team win, and acting in a way to ensure your teammates get killed. Do not be a jerk!

Rule 5: Recording footage for Videos

PlayMindcrack is all about making minecraft videos and we would love to have you guys showcase our server! We only ask that when titling your videos you call them "PlayMindcrack" and not just simply Mindcrack, this should not be referred to as the Official Mindcrack LP server, it is the PlayMindcrack server. We would also very much appreciate it if you included a link to our website somewhere in the description of your video as well.

Rule 6: Advertising/Linking

Advertising on our server is simply not allowed. Other players don't want to see it and frankly it's just quite rude to broadcast your servers on our networks! This means don't spam our chats with links to Youtube, websites, other servers, streams, or anything that is a link that sends someone somewhere on the internet, even as a joke. If someone asks for a link, message it to them.

Rule 7: No Impersonating

No impersonating Moderators, Administrators, Staff, Mindcrackers, Mojang employees, other YouTubers, or any other person in general. Doing so will get you immediately banned from PlayMindcrack.

Rule 8: Ultra Hardcore

Some additional rules apply to Ultra Hardcore, these include:

  • Do not team with players in single player UHC, it's unfair on others. Team based UHC will be released in the future.
  • PVP is turned off until the first midnight of the game, do not try get around it.
  • Following or trying to harm players before PVP is turned back on is against the rules.
  • While we don't restrict how you play UHC, do not try to prolong the game by afking or hiding for large amounts of time.

PlayMindcrack is a server for friendly people to play insanely fun and friendly games together. We strive to have a community we can be proud of and want a place that people can come to and not have to deal with all the other jerks on the internet. If that sounds like a place you would like to play, we welcome you and hope you have a ton of fun playing games with us!

Regarding Moderation, Evidence, and Ban Appeals:

PlayMindcrack require evidence on all moderator action. This means we do not act on any accusations without evidence, even from first-hand accounts by our moderators. If you were banned, it was because video or screenshot evidence of your incident was submitted to the moderation team via the support page or directly by a moderator. This evidence is stored in a database with no expiration date, and any evidence that seemed questionable was likely shown to several moderators for review. We do not share the evidence we receive for multiple reasons, including preserving the anonymity of those who help us police the server and preventing hackers from knowing how they were caught. This means that if you were banned, it is because we have direct and indisputable evidence that you broke our rules.

PlayMindcrack does allow you to appeal your ban, but we are under no obligation or duty to offer pardons to those who ask. Some types of bans will ensure that your appeal is not even considered. Hacking, racism, homophobia, or being lewd, vile or toxic in chat are most likely going to make sure you are not invited to return. If you do not demonstrate you understand or respect the server rules, we will likely think you wouldn't follow them if allowed to return. Arguing or debating technicalities on whether you should or should not have been banned will also likely fail. Submitting ban appeals for your friends is not helpful, as we do not offer pardons based on popularity. Promises to become a Patron if allowed to return will also be ignored. The moderation team of PlayMindcrack responds to all those on PlayMindcrack equally, be they on the leader boards, a patron, or a free user.